Insurance investigation services covering Australia-wide

Efficient and timely investigations

We provide specialist insurance investigation services across Australia. As a specialist insurance investigators, we can look closely into all claims in accordance with a client’s instructions. During investigation, if a matter arises which is not covered by a client’s instruction, we will contact the client immediately and seek further instructions.

During the investigation of any matter, we provide weekly updates on the progress of the investigation to our clients. At the completion of an investigation, our report is sent electronically to our clients. All of our invoices are accompanied by a time sheet, so a client knows exactly what is being charged for and why.

All manner of insurance claims

Offering expert insurance investigation services to our clients, we are who to call.

We specialise in the following insurance claims:

  • Motor – collision, theft and fire
  • Heavy motor – collision, theft and fire
  • Dust diseases
  • Public liability

For further information about these services, contact us today.  While we specialise the these areas, will accept instructions on any insurance claim.

Urgent attendance & reporting

We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at no additional charge. We have the ability to report to a client from anywhere and at any time.  When attending to urgent instructions we can sent photographs and preliminary reports directly from the scene of a collision, providing we have internet coverage at that location.

During the course of an investigation, we will report directly to our clients on any important matter that arises. We like to ensure communication is clear between us and our clients at all stages of the investigation.

Contact us today if you have any questions about our insurance investigation services.

A private investigation underway in Australia

Fully licensed

We hold a NSW Master Licence and all investigation staff hold NSW Operators Licences. We provide copies of our licences to clients, so they are assured that we are fully licensed.

Fully insured

We carry Workers’ Compensation Insurance, Professional Indemnity Insurance and Public Liability Insurance. We provide copies of our Certificates of Currency to our clients.